Furniture Protection Plans

Protection Plans

Give your customers peace of mind and help protect their new furniture investment with Guardian's five year 1Plan PLUS Protection Program. Whether customers purchased  fabric, leather, stone or wood, you can offer them coverage for many household accidents. Protection plans provided by AIG WarrantyGuard, Inc., an affiliate of AIG, and administered by Guardian Protection Products, Inc.

Protection plans include Guardian's reliable customer service
Guardian takes pride in providing your customers with the most positive service request
experience possible, with knowledgeable customer service specialists and quick and
efficient processing.
• Our contact center is staffed with specialists who are thoroughly trained to help
your customers maximize their benefits in a personal and friendly manner.
• Staff members are monitored daily to ensure accuracy in all facets of the service
request process. Monthly training provides on-going development.
• Guardian’s positive work environment maximizes employee retention.
• The contact center is located here in the USA to increase your customers satisfaction
with their service request experience.
• Guardian has a network of high quality, insured, bonded and reputable service technicians
with a record of 80% first visit completion

Indoor Furniture Protection Plans

Premium coverages are available for fabric, leather, and wood furniture, and may include:*

  • Accidental food or beverage stains on fabric, leather and wood.
  • Accidental stains caused by grass, crayons, grease, ballpoint pen ink, and cosmetics on upholstered furniture.
  • Accidental rips, tears, burns and punctures on fabric or leather upholstery.
  • Accidental liquid rings, heat marks and gouges on wood and stone.
  • Accidental glass and mirror breakage.

Outdoor Furniture

Our Outdoor Protection Plans provide coverage for many common outdoor stains and damages, such as*:

  • Accidental food stains like BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing and more
  • Accidental beverage stains such as wine, beer, juice, soft drinks and more
  • Accidental suntan oil, lotion and cosmetic stains
  • Accidental grass, mud and dirt stains
  • Accidental human or pet bodily fluid stains
  • Accidental breakage of glass components in tables
  • Accidental rips, tears, punctures or burns to fabric or vinyl
  • Breakage of umbrella mechanism after the manufacturer's warranty has expired
  • *Some exclusions apply.

Mattress Protection

Guardian is pleased to provide your customers with our new line of EveryBed mattress protectors. EveryBed mattress protectors have a waterproof, breathable barrier which keeps liquid and allergens from reaching the mattress. You can't wash a stained or soiled mattress. You can wash an EveryBed Mattress Protector. They are easy to care for. Normal laundry procedures are all that's needed to keep an EveryBed Mattress Protector clean and fresh, eliminating the breeding ground for dust mites, bacteria and allergens. There are four types to choose from based on your customer's sleeping preferences